Sa, 14.3.20

Leipzig liest! Tomas Blum: Wof√ľr wir uns sch√§men (What We are Ashamed Of)


Photo:Krystian Kolbe

Verlag: Liesmich Verlag

Zeit  19.30 – 22.00

Three days left befo¬≠re you will be let go. Dark memo¬≠ries and pier¬≠cing doubts‚ÄĒand a clean break. And who is Marie?

Your red-hai¬≠red col¬≠league has been sit¬≠ting at the desk behind you sin¬≠ce you star¬≠ted working in this office. At first, you weren‚Äôt sure if it was her, the girl from the past, the girl from that one night your father for¬≠bid to men¬≠ti¬≠on ever again. But when your col¬≠league asks you if you would like to accom¬≠pa¬≠ny her to the Bang Bang, becau¬≠se only cou¬≠ples are admit¬≠ted the¬≠re, your who¬≠le world starts com¬≠ing apart.

Blum‚Äôs style is some¬≠ti¬≠mes thought¬≠ful, some¬≠ti¬≠mes full of humor, some¬≠ti¬≠mes dark. Wof√ľr wir uns sch√§¬≠men is a frank, warts-and-all account of a com¬≠ing-to-terms with the past and the search for a real con¬≠nec¬≠tion; it is poe¬≠tic and lively and never for¬≠ces defi¬≠ni¬≠te ans¬≠wers on the reader.

‚ÄěTomas Blum has writ¬≠ten the sto¬≠ry of an encoun¬≠ter that for once has not¬≠hing to do with the love-and-eupho¬≠ria lark of con¬≠ven¬≠tio¬≠nal lite¬≠ra¬≠tu¬≠re. And he achie¬≠ves what it‚Äôs all real¬≠ly about: to regain a sen¬≠se of what is real about being ali¬≠ve.‚Äú (Ralf Julke | Leipziger Internet Zeitung)

Tomas Blum, born 1968, worked in care for child­ren with phy­si­cal and men­tal disa­bi­li­ties for many years. After taking a degree in lite­ra­tu­re, he lived in Northern Ireland; the­re he star­ted working on his first novel for which he was rewar­ded a scho­l­ar­shop by Literarisches Colloquium Berlin. He worked at an actor’s agen­cy to finan­ce his post­gra­dua­te stu­dies in media studies.

After taking his degree, he worked as a poli¬≠tics and eco¬≠no¬≠mics wri¬≠ter and ghost¬≠wri¬≠ter for twen¬≠ty years. An acci¬≠dent made him return to litera¬≠ry wri¬≠ting. His play ‚ÄúDer Kuss‚ÄĚ (‚ÄúThe Kiss‚ÄĚ) pre¬≠mie¬≠red in 2016 in Berlin. ‚ÄúWof√ľr wir uns sch√§¬≠men‚ÄĚ (‚ÄúWhat We are Ashamed Of‚ÄĚ) is his debut novel. Blum lives and works in Berlin.

Liesmich Verlag, foun¬≠ded in Leipzig in 2013, is an inde¬≠pen¬≠dent publis¬≠her focu¬≠sing on fic¬≠tion. In 2014, Liesmich brought out the bike cou¬≠rier novel ‚ÄúPedalpilot Doppel-Zwo‚ÄĚ (‚ÄúPedalling Pilot Double Two‚ÄĚ) and in 2015, the road novel ‚ÄúFayvel der Chinese. Aufzeichnungen eines wahn¬≠wit¬≠zi¬≠gen Ganoven‚ÄĚ (‚ÄúFayvel the Chinaman. Diary of a Lunatic Crook‚ÄĚ). The dys¬≠to¬≠pian novel ‚ÄúCronos Cube‚ÄĚ, publis¬≠hed in 2017, was nomi¬≠na¬≠ted for the Seraph Literatury Award for fan¬≠tastic lite¬≠ra¬≠tu¬≠re in the cate¬≠go¬≠ry ‚ÄúBestes Deb√ľt‚ÄĚ (‚ÄúBest Newcomer‚ÄĚ).

In March 2019, ‚ÄúKonfetti im Bier‚ÄĚ (‚ÄúConfetti in Your Beer‚ÄĚ) was publis¬≠hed, Toni Gottschalk‚Äôs debut and the first German spea¬≠king novel about Ultras. The Deutsche Akademie f√ľr Fu√üball-Kultur (‚ÄúGerman Academy of Football Culture‚ÄĚ) nomi¬≠na¬≠ted it as ‚ÄúFu√üballbuch des Jahres 2019‚ÄĚ (‚ÄúFootball Book of the Year 2019‚ÄĚ).

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