Sa, 13.5.23

non-public salon


Artists  Sheila Seyfert Menzel

Time  11h

Curated by  Yvonne Zindel

»What is the work to crea­te and main­tain net­works to impro­ve or faci­li­ta­te care situations?«

How can an enga­ge­ment of the indi­vi­du­al be meaningful­ly net­work­ed – and can we, who have such diver­se expe­ri­en­ces due to our dif­fer­ent­ly dis­tri­bu­ted pri­vi­le­ges, talk to each other at all? Or has an “iden­ti­ta­ri­an tri­ba­lism” long sin­ce made this impossible?
In various dis­cour­se for­mats, dis­sent is rehe­ar­sed over the cour­se of a day.


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