11.12. – 13.12.20

Radio Ritual


Time  15 – 20

All pro­grams will be broad­cast on Corax (RC, 95,9), UKW 87,5 (cove­ring the vici­ni­ty of D21 Artspace) and/or Radio Blau (RB, 99,2), and here:

Schedule (12 November—22 Dezember 2020) available here for download.

Archive available here.

On digi­tal ritu­als and radio habits—Hello and Good-bye, dear listeners

Friday, 11 December 2020
15:00—16:00 Radio Program (RC)
Sven Bergelt and Dieter Daniels about „53 Kommentare“ („52 Commentaries“)
…on the re-enact­ment of the Battle of the Nations and the re-enact­ment of the re-enact­ment on the inter­net. Re-enac­ting a radio re-enact­ment. Resuming a conversation.

16:00—17:00 Radio Program (RC)
Dystopisches Radio (Dystopian Radio)
with Hannah Sieben („Utopia“), Heiner Grenzland, Anna Friz, Christina Baron („Nordlichter“ [„Northerners“]), and others

17:00—18:00 Radio Program (RC)
Christina Baron („Nordlichter“ [„Northerners“])

18:00—19:00 Radio Program (RB)
City of Drizzle—Knut Aufermann and Sarah Washington

19:00—20:00 Radio Program
Das Radio ist nicht Sibirien (Radio isn’t Sibiria)—Rafael Jové

Saturday, 12 December 2020
15:00—16:15 Radio Program (RB)
Radio Rituale à la HGB (Radio Rituals, HGB style)
with HGB stu­dents Tatjana Lentini, Merlin Meister, Leni Pohl, Julia Gerke, Antonia Bannwarth, Adrian Lück, and Lennard Becker

16:15–17:99 Radio pro­gram (RB)
MEDUSA 10 goes blind—Live Acoustic Performance
by Denise Blickhan
based on mul­ti media per­for­mance cycle MEDUSA: #gaze, body, power, power­less­ness, sub­mis­si­on, opti­miza­ti­on, respon­si­bi­li­ty, individual/collective, dystopia.

17:00—18:00 Radio Program (RB)
Radio Rituale (Radio Rituals)
with Sarah Washington, Ralf Wendt, Ivor Kallin, and others
Das Radio ist nicht Sibirien (Radio isn’t Sibiria)

18:00—19:00 Performance (RB)
by Abir Tawakalna
“Lost”—What does it mean “to loo­se”? “to loo­se yourself”?
When I say that I am lost, does it make sen­se that I am lost in a place or in a time? A radio­pho­nic ritual.

19:00—20:00 Radio Program
Auch Schön (Also Nice)—Lab Time

Sunday, 13 December 2020
15:00—19 Uhr Radio Program (RB)
Utopian and Dystopian Radio
In coope­ra­ti­on with Experimentelles Radio at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar and the semes­ter pro­ject shift.fm

Andreas von Stosch—Radio Pedestrian—What is Your Fear?

Annegret Altersarmut und Ulla Unlust—Daseinsvorsorge. Agit-Audio-Seeds-Walk (Olga Oldagepoverty and Linda Listlessness—Existential Prevention. Agit-Audio-Seeds-Walk)

Dieter Daniels and Benjamin Kunath—A Radiophonic Tram Ride

Contributions by mem­bers of the cour­se “Listening (Cultures)” at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
with Lisa Albrecht, Susanne Altmann, Zelda Diedrich, Moritz Hanfgarn, Sofie Heinz, Marko Hörschelmann, Vivien Jester, Jonathan Mürmann, Radu Reinhardt, Dean Ruddock, Aliya Sayfart, Lukas Trautmann, Cäcilie Willkommen

Paula Holzhauer and Aliya Sayfart—A per­for­mance and an exch­an­ge of letters