22.10. – 12.11.20

Radio Carriers Wanted

We are loo­king for radio car­ri­ers who would like to car­ry one of 100 radio sets from some­whe­re in the city to Lindenau Market on November 12, 2020. This coll­ec­ti­ve per­for­mance will be the ope­ning event for the D21 Artspace exhi­bi­ti­on Anybody Out There?! 100 Years of Radio in Germany.

Borrow one of our 70 radi­os or bring your own (bat­tery powered) set, tune to a sta­ti­on of your choice, car­ry the play­ing radio through the city, arri­ving on Lindenau Market at 18:45. At 19:00 sharp, all radi­os will be tun­ed in to our tem­po­ra­ry exhi­bi­ti­on radio, thus syn­chro­ni­zing the radio poly­pho­ny. If you would like to beco­me part of this radio flash­mob, plea­se sign up here: kontakt@geraeuschkulisse.org (Subject: Performer:in 12.11).